Korra Nation, meet our very excited Comic-Con sweepstakes winner, Carson! Carson is the one lucky fan who won our grand prize trip to SDCC to meet Korra creators Mike & Bryan. A big congrats on behalf of the whole team at Nickelodeon!

We asked Carson some questions about her love for the Avatar series, which you can check out below: 

Tell us when you fell in love with the Avatar series.

I started watching Avatar: the Last Airbender when it first came out. I think I was in 3rd grade. I was instantly drawn to Aang and his adventures and quickly became a fan…and by that I mean an obsessive 8 year old who pretended to earth bend at recess. I stayed with Avatar all the way up to the finale a few years later, where I made popcorn, a fort, and had all my Avatar merchandise around me while I watched Aang kick Ozai’s butt. And now with Legend of Korra, I make a ritual of kicking my family off the TV every Saturday to watch Korra. 

If you could be any character from Korra, which would you be?

Oh gosh… Let’s see…Um… I identify a lot with Korra, she’s strong… I’m strong, she’s fun.. I’m fun! She’s beautiful… I’M GORGEOUS! But seriously. I think if I could be anyone I’d be Korra. Or Pabu… Wait… Nope, definitely Pabu.

If you could be any kind of bender, which would you be?

I’d probably be an Earth Bender or a Fire bender. Let’s just not choose one shall we? I’ll just be the Avatar. 

What will be your reaction when you get to meet Mike & Bryan?

Aside from trying to not to spaz attack and start spewing all my love about the series or yelling “FLAMEO MY GOOD HOTMEN!”  Haha! I’ll probably shake their hand and just thank them for making such a great show. Seriously, that show was and IS my childhood. 

BONUS: check out the awesome drawing Carson made for us - a scene from the pilot episode of Korra.


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