NEW CLIP from the season finale of Korra: Korra and team cozy up with Gommu underground after Amon’s takeover.


NEW CLIP from episode 110: Korra is back home and safe. As she shares the details of her abduction with Tenzin, it becomes clear that Amon is planning something very big.


NEW CLIP: Tenzin rushes to City Hall to find out what has happened to Korra, but will the truth be revealed?


Team Avatar is ready to patrol Republic City, but first they need a style upgrade!


Korra is skeptical of Bolin and Mako’s new home at the Sato mansion.

Clip + interview with P.J. Byrne, voice of Bolin, via MTV Geek


Korra runs into Tahno, the pro-bender who had his powers stripped by Amon.


When Amon threatens an attack on the final match of the pro-bending competition, the Council is faced with a tough decision!


The White Lotus travel to a distant village to discover the new Avatar - Korra!